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Clutch Industries (CI) is a full service clutch manufacturer, manufacturing clutch kits, clutch cover assemblies, clutch plates and flywheels. With more than 70 years of Australian design, development and manufacturing experience.

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Quality Standards

All Clutch Industries products adhere to OE specifications to ensure maximum longevity and functionality.

  • Chrome Vanadium Diaphragm for maximum durability
  • Forged clutch disc hubs for maximum strength
  • Clutch disc run out specification <0.5mm for smooth engagement
  • Flywheels are balanced to <70gcm (gram centimeters)
  • Release bearings dynamically tested to 1,500,000 cycles at 180°C
  • Premium friction materials for maximum torque capacity

All components are designed to meet the following specifications:

  • AS 1830 T220
  • UNI 8893
  • SAE 6150
  • AISI 1045

What's new

All these years, our different services have delivered long lasting innovation

Here’s our installation notes to help you get the job done Essential Pre-installation Dos: Diagnose the clutch malfunction before prior to replacement. Use this checklist: Is the hydraulic system properly functioning? When the old clutch is being removed, are there oil leaks and any signs of red dust? Are cracks on the clutch release fork? […]

The Toyota Hilux has been the popular option as a dependable workhorse for over 60 years and the new variants are no exception. Whether you’re carrying heavy loads, towing or modifying the engine your should be thinking of upgrading your clutch system so that you’re able to deliver that torque to the ground.

The Landcruiser VDJ was an instant classic when it was launched in 2007. Since then there has been multiple performance upgrades for the beefy V8 which give great performance increases. However unusual for Toyota the VDJ’s clutch is a weak point in the vehicle and even modest power increases can cause the clutch to slip.

Check the Clutch Damper. It is most likely the culprit. DO THIS Diagnosis: If this happens, the clutch damper is at fault WHY 1 Bleed the clutch 2 Select gear Gear selection problems: selecting a gear is difficult or cannot be done; gear selection is possible only after only levering the release fork Possible disengagement […]

Aside from the fact that CSCs are — like the clutch and flywheel — are naturally subjected to wear and tear, most CSC failures take place during or immediately after either fitting or bleeding. Proper installation of CSC is a must. Here are important notes: √   DO these WHY Refer to the vehicle’s original manufacturer […]

The 86/FRS/BRZ brings back the 90s Japanese sport car experience; that is a light, nimble, front engine,  rear wheel drive sports coupe. The notion is pretty simple and has proved again to be a winner. The platform provides great bang for your buck but the need for more power is a craving that most owners […]

This problem is most likely an actuation fault and not a clutch  kit issue.Check the clutch fork. It may be broken or worn out. Why does it happen? The clutch fork's function is to disengage the clutch when changing gears which makes it susceptible to breakage and wearing. This breakage and wearing – including the […]

It is most likely an actuation fault rather than a clutch kit fault. Why does it happen? It is common for these vehicle's clutch fork to develop hairline cracks that result in flex and non-release within a short period of operation following installation. With these cracks (and other damages) even when the clutch slave cylinder […]

To ensure proper performance of the vehicle-specific clutch kit, we have written some installation notes.   PART TIP WHY RING GEARS   Do this when installing a dual mass replacement flywheel where the ring gear is not supplied with the flywheel:   ·    Remove the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) flexplate. which has a ring gear, […]

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