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4Terrain Ultimate

4T Ultimate with Patented* ER2 Groove Design has many features which make the product unique. It is comprised of a cover assembly, clutch disc and release bearing (Some kits also include a solid replacement flywheel or DMR). The cover assembly incorporates a premium corrosion resistant surface finish, which exhibits excellent resistance to oxidation over a prolonged period. In addition, the clutch pressure plate incorporates 4T Ultimate’s exclusive ER² design technology.

The cover assembly’s pressure plate is manufactured from Spheroidal Graphite casting material and has a yield strength some 300% higher than standard castings. The material’s microstructure also improves heat dispersion. The cover assembly incorporates greater clamp load than a standard cover assembly. This translates to more torque capacity.

The Patented* pressure plate with ER2 grooves are precision machined with CAD/CAM technology. The design enhances the performance in 2 ways. Firstly, it increases the torque capacity of the cover assembly and secondly it assists with cooling which in-turn enables the friction material to operate at lower temperatures and therefore at a higher coefficient of friction. Again, this enhances the torque capacity of the clutch.

The kit’s clutch disc has a unique flywheel side friction material. The Aramid friction material exhibits 50% less wear than a conventional clutch disc’s friction material. This material also reduces the effects of clutch fade. Fade is the decline in the clutch system’s ability to transmit torque as operating temperatures increase.

It also means that the clutch system is capable of transmitting up to 60% more torque than a standard Clutch Kit making it suitable for demanding conditions. This overall Torque Capacity increase has been achieved by higher Clamp Loads, increased Mean Effective Radius of the pressure plate, better cooling and higher coefficient of friction materials on the clutch disc.

All these features are why the 4Terrain Ultimate is the ultimate clutch for any serious off-road vehicle.

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