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Australia’s Only Clutch Dynamometer Durability Tester

Clutch Industries Clutch dynamometer is used for clutch disc and cover assembly development, as well as quality control in passenger and commercial applications. It’s run by a sophisticated computer-controlled system that can handle several real-time tests. 

Some Brief Facts About the Dyno
•    Simulates real-world environment and driving styles
•    Tests practical torque capacity in various real-world temperatures
•    Conducts burnout testing; repeatedly slips the clutch simulate harsh driving conditions 
•    Conducts side by side durability testing & peak torque tests
•    Simulates 100,000 Kms of driving within 1 week of testing

All the test results are digitally recorded for research and development purposes. These results can then be used to verify long-term performance and durability in a matter of days not years.