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Dual Mass Replacements (DMR) move the dampening system from the flywheel to the clutch disc/plate. This returns the flywheel back to a conventional solid mass flywheel.

DMR clutch kits are sold in all Clutch Industries brands which include CI, CI Heavy Duty, 4Terrain Heavy Duty, 4Terrain Ultimate and Mantic. CI’s part numbering system denotes if it’s a DMR as it will have a prefix of “DMR” before the kit identifier number, in the case of the Mantic Stage range an “R” postfix denotes if the kit is a DMR kit. A DMR clutch kit will generally include a cover assembly, clutch disc, flywheel (SMF), release bearing/CSC, cover & flywheel bolts, spigot bearing and alignment tool. Clutch Industries also sells service kits for DMR’s, these can be used when the DMR clutch kit wears out and as the flywheel is not supplied it requires the DMR flywheel to the grind before installing the new clutch kit. Its important to note these DMR service kits will only suit a CI dual mass replacement flywheel so in most cases it cannot be used with other supplier’s flywheel.

Selling advantages over a DMF

  • Increased ability to handle higher torque
  • Greater reliability
  • Better thermal dynamics
  • Cost efficient: Both on the initial purchase and ongoing with the ability to grind the flywheel

Note as dual mass replacement/conversion (DMR) clutch kits do not as effectively dampen driveline noise or vibration an increased vibration and noise might be detectable especially at low RPMs. However, this will not damage the vehicle’s driveline.