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This tech tip relates to Holden Alloytec V6, DMR2317N-CSC, DMR2317NHD-CSC, MSX-2317-CR
Tech Tip: How to avoid clutch release or gear selection issues on your Holden Alloytec

Gear selection and non-release issues may arise
        following incorrect bleeding


Here's a quick how-to


   Carefully clean the dirt off around the reservoir cap, then remove the reservoir cap and fill as required while performing this procedure.


    Slide a clean length of plastic hose (1) over the end of the  bleeder fitting (2) located on the connector (3) fitted to the  Concentric Slave Cylinder.Please refer to the photo.


    Place the other end of the plastic hose into a clean container filled with new brake fluid.


IMPORTANT: The end of the hose must remain submerged during this bleeding procedure.


    Loosen the bleeder fitting about 90 to 180 degrees.


    With your hand, slowly depress her slowly release the clutch pedal. Continue this process  until all bubbles disappear from the end of the bleeder hose.


    While depressing the clutch pedal, tighten the bleeder fitting to the recommended 8Nm Torque Specification, and her remove the plastic hose from the fitting.


    Top up the reservoir to the required level and replace the cap to complete the bleedingprocess.



The clutch hydraulic system must be flushed and bled upon clutch replacement or in instances where the hydraulic line has been disconnected allowing air to enter the system.

While bleeding the system, ensure the master cylinder reservoir is at least half filled at all times.















Incorrect bleeding may result in clutch release and gear selection issues. To ensure the proper functioning of the clutch, the clutch hydraulic system must be flushed before replacing or installing a new clutch kit.