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This tech tip relates to Clutch Kits with Cerametallic Clutch Plate Facing Material
Shudder, slippage and noise, and poor performance of Clutch Kits with Cerametallic Clutch Plate Facing Material?

You need to follow the proper bedding in procedure for this

specially engineered clutch







Clutch Kits with Cerametallic Clutch Plate, what is it for?


This is a specially designed friction material engineered to offer an increase in torque capacity while not degrading its coefficient of friction in high temperatures. Cerametallic friction material provides a massive increase in torque capacity due to a high level of heat resistance, and thus suitable for high performance and racing applications. The grade of the material can differ depending on the manufacturer; delivering varying levels of friction and thermal properties. 


Shudder, slippage, noise during operation, and poor torque capacity… Why?\


Failure to appropriately break-in the clutch resulted in glazing or crumbling of the friction surfaces resulting in shudder, slippage, and noise during operation and ultimately not allowing the clutch to transmit the torque to its maximum ability.


What to do?


Before heavy or spirited driving, ensure that the product is appropriately “broken-in". Breaking-in process allows the friction surfaces to make full contact enabling the clutch to operate to its intended performance. During the initial bedding in phase, the coefficient of friction of the clutch discs will drop, and then slowly increase over time to a stable level.



Do these:


To correctly break-in your new cerametallic clutch Mantic Clutch recommends 


  to operate the vehicle in normal driving mode similar to regular city driving; 


  the clutch must be actuated regularly at low RPM during take-off and normal shifting for at least the first 500 kms


   During break-in, if the vehicle RPM increases at a rate not proportionate with the normal rotation of the wheels:


          back off the throttle to ensure that avoid    excessive   heating which deters the product  to function to its desired performance.



To avoid issues and to ensure excellent performance of your clutch kits with cerametallic clutch plate, make sure that the specially engineered clutch plate is properly 'broken in'.










Failure to comply with the bedding in procedure will void the warranty of your Mantic Clutch Kit