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In the event a customer raises any concern with their Clutch Industries product , it’s our collective goal to get vehicle on road (VOR) as soon as possible. Therefore, our first priority is to ensure the customer has a copy of the Clutch Industries “Troubleshooting checklist”, and they have worked through it as appropriate. If desired, Clutch Industries can walk through this checklist directly with the customer. Please involve the Clutch Industries Tech Support team as soon as possible to assist in the troubleshooting process either by calling the CI Support Line, or emailing us – see below.

 Below is the Troubleshooting Checklist for all technical enquiries.

1. Verify complaint (If fitment / product related – skip this step)

  • Road test vehicle (ideally with customer / Replicate the concern
  • Determine if concern is intermittent or continuous

2. Validate product suitability

  • Is the kit / part a genuine Clutch Industries part?
  • Is the kit / part suitable for the vehicle (correct part#, HD for modified engine etc)?

3. Review documentation

  • Has the Clutch Industries Tech Bulletin been reviewed and actioned (if applicable)?
  • Has the vehicle workshop manual been reference accordingly?

4. Review Clutch Industries training material

  • Review the relevant trouble shooting training material
  • Should fault continue – contact Clutch Industries > Step 5

5. Contact Clutch Industries Technical Support

  • Phone 1300 369 787, email:

6. Confirm concern rectified

  • Road test check operation normal
  • Process warranty claim (if applicable)