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Increase clamp load and upgrade to better friction material, 
increase surface area


Increase the Clamp Load:


Yes, you may increase torque capacity by increasing clamp load. This is one of the most common

ways to improve torque capacity. However, this may result in clutch pedal and clutch actuation 

system issues.


Upgrade: Change the friction material


This will not only increase the torque capacity but will also improve the heat properties. While most 

original equipment (commonly organic) are excellent for drivability, they fair poorly for 

high-performance needs because of low torque capacity when hot.


Here are two alternatives:


   Aramid – provides higher torque capacity due to better heat resistance. A mixture of organic and aramid provides excellent drivability while increasing the torque capacity.


   Cerametallic/Ceramic – provides a massive increase in torque capacity due to a high level of heat resistance  (This is suitable for high performance and racing applications.)


Upgrade: Increase the surface area


Increasing the surface area of a clutch increases the system's torque capacity.


   Install twin/double or triple plates – this can (double or triple) the torque capacity without compromising drivability and modifying/changing the bell housing


   Use ER2 Groove – this patented system increases the Mean Effective Radius resulting in increased torque capacity (Mean Effective Radius is distance from the friction plate's center to the friction material's center)


Original Equipment Clutch Systems are designed for unmodified vehicles. However, 

the needs of drivers are not universal and standard. Some need high performance and

increased torque capacity. In such cases, upgrading the clutch is necessary.