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When a new clutch kit is installed the flywheel must be either replaced or machined. This is because excessive heat from normal driving changes the structure of your flywheel surface which creates less friction affecting the performance of your clutch. By replacing or machining your flywheel the surface of the flywheel reinstated back to the original equipment friction characteristic.

Advantages of flywheel replacement over machining

  1. Reduces risk of catastrophic failure due to fractures in the flywheel > overtime due to heat the flywheel microstructure develops cracks and heat spots which weaken the overall strength.
  2. Keeps original geometry, ensuring correct engagement and disengagement > when machining a flywheel, the overall height decreases which can cause the clutch to not function correctly.
  3. Reduces installation time > on average 4.5hrs is lost waiting for the flywheel to be machined which takes up space in your workshop.