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One of the common calls received on the CI Technical Service Hotline concerns a rattle generated from the clutch fork/release bearing area on VS to VY Commodore with Getrag gearbox and dual-mass flywheel. The noise may seem to be “Gear roll-over rattle” from the gearbox.

The noise can be evident after a new clutch has been fitted. In some cases a second new clutch has been fitted, but the noise still persists.

CI’s investigations indicate that the actuation system is usually the source of the noise rather than the clutch kit installed. We recommend that the clutch actuation system be checked, particularly the clutch fork pivot ball, prior to the gearbox being re-installed to prevent this noise.

  1. The clutch fork pivot ball is plastic, and a snap fit into the bell-housing. It may wear and become loose, allowing movement of the fork and allowing transmission of vibration.
  2. The clutch fork pivot should be replaced if, on inspection, it is found to be loose.

      The genuine Holden part number for this part is   92141321

  1. If the gearbox has been re-installed and the noise is discovered, the clutch fork pivot may be able to be temporarily tightened to eliminate or reduce the noise.

As the end of the clutch fork pivot is accessible from outside the bell-housing, a suitably sized bolt may be inserted into the centre of the protruding plastic fingers to hold the fingers against the side of the hole in the bell-housing. Additionally a circlip may be placed over the fingers to help retain this bolt.

Remember the clutch actuation system wears along with the clutch plate and cover assembly. Whenever a clutch is replaced the entire clutch system must be inspected and repaired as necessary to ensure the new clutch operates correctly.


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