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To disconnect the clutch, or let go of the torque, you have an actuation system which starts at the pedal and ends at the clutch cover assembly. The Thrust Bearing in a 3 piece clutch kit is one component of the actuation system.

Putting your foot on to the clutch pedal is the same as winding back one side of the vice. When you push onto the pedal, it works a series of connected parts which end with a push onto the spring loaded part of the cover assembly. The spring load is taken off and because the clutch plate is no longer clamped to the flywheel, it stops spinning at the same rate as the crank. It means you have disconnected drive.

Remember the locating pin of the gearbox input shaft is just a locating pin. It will sit in the flywheel, but is not bolted to it so it won’t spin at the same rate.