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Traditionally when a clutch kit is replaced the flywheel must be ground to ensure the surface finish is correct. On average 4.5 hours of hoist time is wasted due to this process, in addition the trade price for a grind is normally just over $70 plus the delivery cost (where applicable). For these reasons plus technical advantages that are outlined in the flywheel technical module replacing the flywheel as opposed to grinding is a great advantage for workshops.

CI Flywheel Program

Clutch Industries have developed a low-cost OE style replacement flywheel range to suit the most popular vehicle applications. The first phase of the program has 18 CI branded flywheels in the range. This suits around 50% of the clutch kits sold.

  • All flywheels in the range are manufactured to OE specifications.
  • Only sources from quality assured factories
  • Use 1045 grade steel which exceeds Australian standards.
  • Includes the ring gear.
  • Backed by a 2 Year / 40,000km warranty.

Key Selling Features of Replacing Over Grinding

  • Faster installation time; less hoist time wasted.
  • Price is comparable to a grind.
  • Eliminates issues related to a poor grind; shudder, noise & slipping.
  • Restores correct stack high; reducing disengagement issues after installation.