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A Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) is comprised of two flywheels that work together with dampening springs or planetary gears to reduce noise and vibrations. In most cases a DMF cannot be ground so when the clutch kit is replaced the flywheel also must be replaced.

Clutch Industries supply DMF clutch kits in their CI brand which is designed to the same specifications as the OE clutch system. The kits include a cover assembly, clutch disc, factory style dual mass flywheel, release bearing/CSC and in most cases a spigot bearing and alignment tool.

Clutch Industries upgrade brands do not supply DMF’s because the dual mass flywheel does not handle higher torque loads than the OE specifications and will prematurely fail.

Although DMF’s are very effective at dampening driveline noise and vibration they have 4 major downfalls.

  1. Cost: the cost of a replacement DMF can be many times more than the cost of the clutch.
  2. Durability: due to the added complexity is it common that the DMF will fail before the clutch is fully worn.
  3. Unable to grind it is not generally recommended to grind a DMF meaning that in most cases the DMF must be replaced when the clutch is replaced.
  4. Poor heat sink: as a DMF is not a solid piece of steel it is a poor heat sink to remove heat from the clutch disc.