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Dual Mass Flywheel Replacements (DMR) move the damping system from the flywheel to the clutch disc/plate. This returns the flywheel back to a conventional solid mass flywheel and the driveline dampening to the clutch disc.

To effectively dampen driveline noise and vibrations a multi rate (MR) clutch disc is used in DMF conversion kits (DMR). This MR clutch disc uses a torsional damper with separated first and second stage dampers. The dampener is tuned for low torque low angularity dampening as well has high toque, high angularity dampening.


Advantages Over a DMF

  • Increased ability to handle higher torque
  • Greater reliability
  • Better thermal dynamics
  • Cost efficient: Both on the initial purchase and ongoing with the ability to machine the flywheel

Note: as dual mass replacement/conversion (DMR) clutch kits do not as effectively dampen driveline noise or vibration an increased vibration and noise might be detectable especially at low RPMs. However, this will not damage the vehicle’s driveline.