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This tech tip relates to Suzuki Kit No. R1921N / R2484N / R2657N / R2820N
It is most likely an actuation fault rather than a clutch kit fault.

Why does it happen?

It is common for these vehicle's clutch fork to develop hairline cracks that result in flex and non-release within a short period of operation following installation. With these cracks (and other damages) even when the clutch slave cylinder is at full movement the clutch may not release.


Carefully inspect the clutch fork for cracks or any other signs of damages. Apply some pressure to confirm there is no cracks or damage to the item.

Replace the fork, preferably with original manufacturer's equipment.

If there are some non-release issues on your Suzuki shortly after installing a new clutch kit, inspect the clutch fork. If there are breakages or cracks, replace it to ensure the functioning of the clutch.