Clutch Industries - Australia's world class clutch manufacturer

CI manufactures and supplies a range of OE specification solid mass replacement flywheels to suit popular vehicle applications.  All flywheels include dowels and ring gear and are constructed from 1045 grade steel which exceeds the Australian standard.

Reduces issues related to a poor grind. Grinding the flywheel is essential to do before installing a new clutch kit however a poor grind quality can produce issues such as shudder, noise and slipping.

Keeps original geometry, ensuring correct disengagement. When grinding a flywheel, the overall height decreases which can cause disengagement issues on installation of the new clutch kit. Replacing the flywheel reverts the vehicle back to the original equipment flywheel height ensuring that no engagement/disengagement issues are experienced due to flywheel height changes.

Reduces installation time. On average 4.5hrs are lost waiting for the flywheel to be machined, taking up valuable hoist time. Replacing the flywheel cuts the installation time and gets the customer back on the road faster.

Cost is comparable to a grind. On average the trade price of a flywheel grind is $70; the average trade price of a replacement flywheel in the program is $90. This with the cost savings from the reduced installation time means that replacing is cheaper than machining for the mechanic.