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Check the Clutch Damper.

It is most likely the culprit.

DO THIS Diagnosis: If this happens, the clutch damper is at fault WHY
Bleed the clutch
Select gear
Gear selection problems:

  • selecting a gear is difficult or cannot be done;
  • gear selection is possible only after only levering the release fork
Possible disengagement at the clutch damper:

  • damper is not providing the necessary amount of fluid to the slave cylinder;
  • faulty sealing mechanism in the clutch damper: (1) not sealing; (2) and/or the rubber damper is compressing when it shouldn’t be
To confirm disengagement at the clutch damper, bypass the clutch damper
To do this:

  • use a suitable joiner tube from master cylinder directly to the slave cylinder;
  • push down the clutch pedal to see to test gear selection
No problems with gear selection:

  • easy to select gear;
  • release of fluid is satisfactory
Clutch damper is faulty.


It is not recommended to permanently bypassd the malfunctioning clutch damper. Faulty damper must be replaced as a whole.