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To ensure proper performance of the vehicle-specific clutch
 kit, we have written some installation notes.







Do this when installing a dual

mass replacement flywheel

where the ring gear is not

supplied with the flywheel:


·    Remove the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) flexplate. which has a ring gear, from the flywheel that is being replaced.


This is basic information:



Flywheel will fail to operate without ring gear. Dual Mass Replacement kits without ring gear means that you have to supply your ring gear. Ask supplier if you need clarifications.



ALWAYS check for dowel holes, timing marks or uneven bolt spacing to ensure that the flywheel is correctly oriented.

Many Dual Mass Replacement

Flywheels need to be installed in a particular orientation. Incorrect orientation may lead to result in engine misfiring or not starting.



This is basic caution:


·    Handle the flywheel with care. DO NOT DROP the flywheel onto the timing ring to avoid damaging the teeth.


If installed with damaged timing ring teeth the engine may misfire or not start.


Read/review manual on the vehicle’s ECU. Reset after the installation if required.

Some vehicles require the ECU to be reset after installation of a Dual Mass Replacement Kit. Failure to do so will result in the engine misfiring or not starting.




·     When installing a dual mass replacement some additional noise should be expected.


·    Do not misdiagnose it as technical issue.




Dual mass replacement clutch kits (utilising a rigid flywheel and multirate clutch plate) are not as efficient at dampening driveline noises as are dual mass flywheel kits. This noise is not detrimental to performance or durability of clutch components.



These installation tips are basic 101s but are sometimes forgotten. When installing

dual mass flywheel replacement kits, remember to mind the ring gears, flywheel, ECU,

and expect some driveline noise.