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Make Model Model ID Engine Size Engine ID Year
Toyota Landcruiser VDJ76 4.5 Ltr V8 Diesel, 151kw 1VD-FTV 04/2007 – ON
Toyota Landcruiser VDJ78 4.5 Ltr V8 Diesel, 151kw 1VD-FTV 04/2007 – ON
Toyota Landcruiser VDJ79 4.5 Ltr V8 Diesel, 151kw 1VD-FTV 04/2007 – ON

The Landcruiser VDJ was an instant classic when it was launched in 2007. Since then there has been multiple performance upgrades for the beefy V8 which give great performance increases. However unusual for Toyota the VDJ’s clutch is a weak point in the vehicle and even modest power increases can cause the clutch to slip.

4Terrain by Mantic Engineering (a division of Clutch Industries) has now created the 4Terrain Twin Disc System that tops off the performance range for the VDJ. Trialled in a twin turbo nitrous 10 second quarter mile VDJ the 4Terrain Twin Disc System is at home on the drag strip or out in the bush. With a great pedal feel and able to handle up to 1,600Nm with the Aramid discs or up to 2,300Nm with the sprung cerametallic discs, the 4Terrain Twin Disc is the ultimate all rounder for those who can’t say no to more power!

The 4Terrain Twin Disc Kit Features:

  • Unbreakable SG Iron Pressure Plate (275mm) with increased clamp load for high torque capacity.
  • Twin Dual Friction Aramid/Organic Discs for the perfect combination between superior torque capacity and uncompromised driveability or Twin Sprung Cerametallic Discs (for the SSC version) for massive torque capacity increase with a more aggressive clutch feel.
  • ER2 Grooved SG Iron Intermediate Pate for increase torque capacity and better heat dissipation *non-grooved for SSC version
  • Steel billet flywheel with bolts and accessories; everything you need to do the job
  • Modified Slave Cylinder; direct fit no modifications needed
  • Release bearing tested to 1,500,00 cycles at 1800C; quality guaranteed

The 4Terrain Twin Disc Kit includes:

4T Twin cover assembly
Intermediate plate
Twin 4T clutch disc or Twin sprung cerametallic clutch discs (for SSC version)
Flywheel & bolts
Slave Cylinder
Slave Cylinder
Spigot Bearing
Aligning tool
4Terrain crate
4Terrain Clutch Kit Range Torque Capacity
Brand Details Part Number Peak Recommended
SG Iron pressure & intermediate plate with twin sprung cerametallic disc (more aggressive drive) 4TTSRF2538N-SSC 2,302 Nm 1,611 Nm
SG Iron pressure & ER2 intermediate plate with twin dual friction aramid disc 4TTSRF2538N 1,600 Nm 1,100 Nm
SG Iron ER2 Cover with Dual friction aramid disc 4TU2538N 914 Nm 731 Nm
SG Iron ER2 Cover with 25% increased thickness organic disc 4T2538NHD 796 Nm 637 Nm